Hours after Liberia announced a ‘shoot on sight’ order for people crossing the border from Sierra Leone in an effort to curb the spread of Ebola, DontComply.com has learned that a woman is currently being cared for in Albuquerque’s UNM Hospital hospital after having returned from the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak.

Shoot on sight for illegal crossings of border ... Liberian military forces stand guard. Source: AFP

Albuquerque’s Caleb James with KOB4 reported:

“The woman was traveling in the West African nation of Sierra Leone at the beginning of the month.    

She then returned to Albuquerque and soon after began to develop symptoms on Friday. She was admitted to UNM Hospital on Saturday.

The patient is currently undergoing a series of tests and remains in isolation at the hospital — blood samples will go to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.”

The Obama regime has made efforts in recent months to facilitate an unprecedented global health crisis. So while this development is not surprising it presents a special concern to DontComply.com staff because of the proximity of this possible vector.