Even as the US government is ramping up it’s efforts to out-do every totalitarian regime that has come before, the people of the United States of America are engaging in mass demonstrations of resistance across the country.

In the past few weeks we’ve been inspired by John Cinque and the other brave Patriots in Connecticut as they uphold their vow to not comply with their state’s attempt at firearm and magazine registration. While estimates are based on weapons that were sold at the retail level within the state, according to Connecticut police only 50,000 of the 370,000 so-called ‘assault-weapons’ have been registered. The number of magazines registered so far is only 38,290 out of 2.4 million. Without figuring in undocumented weapons or the magazines smuggled into the state by the father of the III% movement and founder of the Sipsey Street Irregulars, Mike Vanderboegh, only 13% of firearms and less than 16% of magazines have been registered. If each unregistered rifle in Connecticut represents an armed Liberty-lover then the overlords in Connecticut had better start drafting up their resumes or start learning to pray.

Over the past year Connecticut has famously become a line in the sand drawn between the traitors in our country and those sworn to defend the Constitution. On April 20th of last year, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, along with Mike Vanderboegh rallied with our Brothers in the north at the State House in Hartford, Connecticut. The powerful speeches made that day by both Vanderboegh and Rhodes should be considered essential viewing for all of us within the Liberty movement.

Surprisingly, California has also joined in our simmering counter-revolution. As reported on Come and Take It Texas, residents in California have also refused to comply with a new ban outlawing the standard-capacity magazines for their semi-automatic weapons in both San Francisco and Sunnyvale, California. On March, 7th the Oakland Tribune reportedthat not one magazine had been turned in to the ‘authorities’ since the ban had gone into effect.

These defiant acts of self-determination are happening everywhere politicians are accelerating efforts to disarm the people. Demonstrators in New York State are meeting in public to ceremonially destroy their firearms registration forms in bbq pits erected for the occasion; and in New Jersey,  Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R) chastised his fellow legislators that are pushing for magazine bans saying “This body intends to treat otherwise law-abiding citizens the same way it treats sex offenders…”

What we are witnessing mirrors the dramatic opening acts of our war for Independence from Britain 239 years ago and illustrates Thomas Jefferson’s statement that “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

However there is another act of mass defiance that is imminently approaching, one that will be exponentially larger that these demonstrations in support of our Second Amendment; and the fallout will certainly be historic to say the least.

As I type this there are just over 6 days, [157 hours, 5 minutes and 15 seconds to be exact] until Obamacare begins to be fully implemented. One could easily identify 157 accompanying ways in which the plan will destroy what is left of the America that our founders envisioned, but I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this then you’ve heard all that before. What is not being widely discussed however, is the potential fallout associated Obamacare’s failures in regard to the relationship between the American people and the ruling class in D.C.

So let’s connect some dots.

We all remember how the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is legal, in the courts opinion,  because it is a tax. Early on, much of the political establishment initially tried to deny the facts that indicate that Obamacare is designed to be the largest tax increase ever levied on the American people. Though that facade crumbled when the famously left-leaning George Stephanopoulos yielded to reason and demanded that Obama answer a simple question:  “Under this mandate, the government is forcing people to spend money, fining you if you don’t.  How is that not a tax?”

In the past few weeks we’ve seen how the regime’s supporters no longer bother to argue with those who point out the fact that if Obamacare were to function as it’s intended to, it would severely damage our economy by taking so much money out while providing nothing of value in compensation. Especially the Democratic big-wigs, like Nancy Pelosi, are nowhere to be found in the Obamacare discussion anymore.

The situation on the ground is clear though and the fact is that Obamacare cannot and will not work. Even if the health-care plans were affordable, they nearly eliminate one’s right to exercise free-will in regard to health-care decisions. The result is that the people, the legitimate power brokers in America, are opting out. Although the regime still feigns ignorance and refuses to disclose the number of people that have paid their premiums and therefore actually enrolled in Obamacare, the numbers are said to be abysmally low by anyone’s analysis.

So on March 31 of this year more than 300 million people, nearly the entire population of the US, will become active participants in a tax revolt. History shows us that populations resisting taxation are one of the most powerful catalysts for societal evolution and the current revolt of American tax payers will be no different. As we’ve seen banks do in the EU over the past year, we can expect insurance companies to demand a ‘bail-in’ and that the wealth of the American people be seized by the American government which would lead to widespread economic shortfall and further polarization of the a people and their government that are increasingly at odds with each other.

In the coming year we can expect that the fissure between the people and D.C. will lead to government taking an increasingly heavy-handed approach in dealing with us including beefing up the crackdown on organized protest and alternative-media. Multiple leaks from the regime confirm that the militarization of police is in preparation to wage war on the Liberty-lovers. While Obama is purging the military of officers that are American sympathizers, there are still thousands of Oath Keepers within their ranks and in police departments nationwide. This makes it likely that the implementation of martial law in America would lead to a civil war within the military and police departments and would require the assistance of UN ‘peacekeepers’ similar to what’s described in the 1961 US Department of State gun confiscation plan entitled ‘Freedom From War’

The implementation of Obamacare is likely to have a worldwide fallout as well. Coupled with international changes such as China taking over in APEC [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation] last year, the proxy-war between the EU and Russia in Ukraine that could quickly become a World War III scenario and the uncertain future of the US Dollar, Obamacare may very well destroy our economy, our super-power status and strike a death-blow to US sovereignty.