According to The Washington Times: at least 15,500 aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated over the past two years, providing heat for hospitals in the United Kingdom.

Those employed by at least twelve National Health Service trusts admitted to burning fetal remains alongside garbage as part of the country’s “waste-to-energy” program, according the the U.K. Telegraph.

This shocking revelation from the fallen empire should really not be surprising. For centuries England and her colonies have regarded children as a resource to be exploited. It has been long-recognized that  Britain’s most premier leaders  have facilitated institutionalized pedophilia. Most recently, headlines from the island nation have detailed a $700 million dollar program that will see surveillance cameras installed in the homes of families to ensure that the ‘livestock’ are properly attended by their caretakers. Certainly this will also help the futureJimmy Saviles identify good candidates for the slave trade. Also, this year Scotland hasproposed a plan that will assign a state minder to every child in the nation, effectively killing the natural institution of parenthood within her borders.

Yes, the Orwellian-communal nightmare is alive and well in Britain. Though the overlords of western civilization have developed an efficient solution for this as well. What began in Britain and has now spread to America is the further utilization of children as spies, informants and re-education agents.

So while mothers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge were told that their miscarried children were cremated; perhaps some among them have been corrected in their thinking and will be helped through the grieving process knowing that their children served the greater good by being incinerated as part of a “waste to energy program”.