As reported by Pamela Geller at FreedomOutpost and other sites, a group that is alternately known as Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra is maintaining a enclave and training center on County Road 3 outside of Sweeny, TX.

According the FBI, Jamatt-ul-Fuqra has maintained at least 22 compounds inside the United States and has been under investigation for at least 12 years. FBI documents obtained through a FOIA request show that Jamatt-ul-Fuqra has been involved in at least 10 murders, a disappearance, three fire-bombings, an attempted fire-bombing, two explosive bombings and an attempted bombing.

USNews and World Report noted in 2002 that the group’s founder was suspected to be involved in the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl. In addition, news reports have attempted to connect “shoe bomber” Richard Reid and “Washington sniper” John Allen Muhammad to ul-Fuqra, but the connections were not definitive. There are also allegations that Clement Rodney Hampton-El, one of the plotters that planned to blow up various New York City bridges and tunnels, was a member of ul-Fuqra. Jamaat-ul-Fuqra was also involved in the planned bombing of a Hindu temple in Toronto, Canada in 1991.

Pamela Gellar reported in 2007 that Jamatt-ul-Fuqra in fact had 45 compounds within the United States and her most recent report stated that ul-Fuqra members near Sweeny, TX were employed by local law enforcement and had acted to prevent investigation of the group’s compound.

courtesy of FreedomOutpost

What is most disturbing is that the US State Department has consistently refused to designate ul-Fuqra as a terrorist organization thus hampering any investigation of it’s activities. Although many reports link to FBI pages and US State Department Patterns of Terrorism reports concerning ul-Fuqra, many of these links are now dead or have been scrubbed of any reference to the group. The US News & World Report reference, cited above, likewise cannot be found on their website but for now is archived at a Department of Justice website as well as on the hard drive of this author.

FBI Special Agent Phillip Irizarry and other law enforcement officials enjoying a meal at al-Fuqra’s Hancock headquarters. Photo:

Given the ample evidence of US government involvement in essentially every major act of Islamic terrorism, a fact that even the New York Times has reported on, this is just one more grievance that the American people need to hold their government accountable for.

In the coming weeks will be detailing some of the many false flag attacks that the US government has facilitated against the American people in order to shine a spotlight on those that seek to destroy our Constitutional republic.