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A second US Army veteran was unlawfully arrested in the small town of Andrews, TX last week. Sgt. Michael Keoughan of Midland, Texas; a member of the gun-rights group Come and Take It Texas, was arrested and had his weapons confiscated while surveying a route for a demonstration that Come and Take It held in Andrews three days later. This comes following a similar arrest and confiscation suffered by CATI member, Spc. Joey Posey, of Andrews, Texas. Each of these men were detained by law enforcement because they were openly carrying longarms which is legal under Texas law and a practice that has been increasing in regularity across the state.

Police Chief Bud Jones fumbled through interviews with reporters on Thursday claiming that he didn’t know Keoughan but also referencing conversations that took place during a meeting with Come and Take It representatives two weeks prior. Keoughan was one of the three CATI members in that meeting. Although it is CATI procedure to make courtesy calls to law enforcement, Keoughan specifically asked Jones if an individual would need to notify law enforcement before openly carrying. Bud Jones said it was not necessary. Following the news reports a resident of Andrews threatened CATI members on Facebook but Andrews police refused to file a report on the matter twice on Friday. Come and Take It Midland/Odessa has since released portions of the recording they made while meeting with Jones in an effort to expose the illegal misconduct of the Andrews, Texas police department.

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